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Testing in SDLC Methodolody

July 13, 2018 admin Software Testing

Software Development Life Cycle models describe how the software development phases combine together to form a complete project. The SDLC describes a process used to create a software product from its initial conception to its release.

Each model has its advantages and disadvantages, so certain models may be employed depending on the goal of the application project. Testers will work on many different projects using different development models. A common misconception is that projects must follow only one methodology; for instance, if a project uses a Waterfall approach, it is only Waterfall. This is wrong.

The complexities of projects and the variety of interconnected modules will often be developed using best practices found in a variety of models. The tester will need to tailor the best testing approach to fit the model or models being used for the current project. There are many software development models. These models are:

1) The Ad-Hoc Ad-Hoc
2) The Waterfall Model
3) The V-Model
4) The Incremental Model
5) The Iterative Development Model
6) Prototype/RAD Model
7) The Spiral Model
8) The Reuse Model

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