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Course Overview

Cyber Security Masters Program – Zero to Hero

Today’s world is already entering the war of Online, or we can say the virtual world, where people don’t know how their online privacy is being violated? And how they are being used as a novice for big billions of IT companies, a terrorist group, and the government to make them richer? Here, both cyber warfare and cyber terrorism belong to the destruction world as one gets involved in a war between two countries or many. At the same time, one motivates to reach negative thoughts to promote terrorism over one community or the country targeting. So, we required more security professionals from a small startup company to the National level in the IT sector and Agriculture, telecommunications, Automobiles, Insurance Companies, and many more.
Did you know that in the next three years till 2024, around 10 million job opportunities are available worldwide, but they need subject matter expertise to secure our digital assets? So, this course was designed accordingly to enable anyone to advance their career in Cyber Security and get a good package job in the Cyber Security field. It covers all aspects from Cloud security to digital forensic to Open Source Intelligence and Penetesting Career Scope, including 4 Capstone Industrial Based Projects.
Pre-requisite: Basic Internet Knowledge and Minimal Understand of Operating System your are using (Windows, Linux or Mac)

Key Benefits of this Cyber Security program


  • Good career boost for candidates who are looking to enter in Cyber Security
  • Best course for Beginner to Intermediate level
  • Best course for Candidates who want to enter in Cloud Security field
  • Good Course for Non-technical candidates who want to start their career in IT field
  • Get Industrial oriented practical knowledge
  • Covering 4 Capstone Project at Industrial based
  • Get knowledge of Programming for Cyber Security Field
  • Get good real experience who want to become Open Source Investigation Officer
  • Get real practical based knowledge in Digital Forensic
  • Get kick start boost who want to pursue their career in Cloud Security
  • Best course for candidates who want to start their career in Web and Network Penetration testing
  • Get career boost knowledge who want to start their career in Network Security Field

Skills Covered

    • in-depth training on Cyber Security
    • Application Security using Burpsuite
    • Understanding and testing Application vulnerabilities
    • Understand Risk Across Your Network, Endpoints, Containers, & Cloud Environment
    • Penetration Testing
    • Validating network vulnerabilities with Nessus
    • Qualitative and quantitative decision making using OSINT
    • Network discovery and security auditing using Nmap
    • Working with computer evidence using Digital Forensic
    • Interview Training

Upcoming Trainings

Key Features

    • 70 Hours of Training
    • Hands-on Cyber Security Project
    • Essential Interview Training
    • Resume Assistance
    • Cyber Security Certification assistance
    • Job Placement Services
    • On-Job support and assistance



  • Annual Salary
  • Hiring Companies

Service Options

Training Services

  • Highly Experienced Trainers
  • Hands-on Learning
  • 24×7 student assistance and support
  • Comprehensive Study Material
  • Alignment to Cyber Security Certification Training
  • Interview Training

Job Placement Services

  • Resume Development
  • Marketing Services
  • Job onboarding assistance and support
  • 24×7 On-Job assistance and support
  • Free Access to Skill Development Webinars

Corporate Training

  • Performance insights to let you analyze, troubleshoot, and improve performance within your organization
  • Compliance training assists your employees in achieving learning goals
  • Flexible Training Schedules
  • 24×7 learner assistance and support
  • Create workforce with Cyber Security Certification

Course Curriculum

Course Content

What is Information Security?
Basic of Information Security
Pillar / Trail of Information Security
Detail overview of CIA
Meaning of AAA (Authentication, Authorization, Accountability)
Basic Concept of AAA
What is Cyber Security?
Basic of Cyber Security
Cyber Security vs. Information Security
Cyber Security vs. Digital Security
Cyber Security vs. Internet Security
Cyber Security before 2000’s
Cyber Security in 2010’s
Cyber Security Modern Era
The Future of Cyber Security
Technical Terminologies
Cyber Crime
Cyber Warfare
Cyber Cell
Cyber attacks
Cyber Crime Reporting
Uses of Web Browsers
Overview of VPN
Overview of Proxy
SOCK5 protocols
Overview of Secure Operating Security
Become Anonymous Online
IP Addresses
MAC Addresses
TCP, UDP, and the Three-Way Handshake
Common Ports and Protocols
The OSI Model
Subnetting: Part 1 – Methodology
Subnetting: Part 2 – Hands-On Challenge
Installing VMWare / VitualBox
Linux Image Repository (UPDATE)
Installing Kali Linux
Exploring Kali Linux
Navigating the File System
Users and Privileges
Common Network Commands
Viewing, Creating, and Editing Files
Starting and Stopping Kali Services
Installing and Updating Tools
Scripting with Bash
The Five Stages of Ethical Hacking
Example Explore
Passive Reconnaissance Overview
Identifying Our Target
E-Mail Address Gathering with Hunter.io
Gathering Breached Credentials with Breach-Parse
Utilizing the harvester
Hunting Subdomains – Part 1
Hunting Subdomains – Part 2
Identifying Website Technologies
Information Gathering with Burp Suite
Google Fu
Utilizing social media
OSINT Framework
Future of Social Engineering
Installing Kioptrix: Level 1
Scanning with Nmap
Enumerating HTTP/HTTPS – Part 1
Enumerating HTTP/HTTPS – Part 2
Enumerating SMB
Enumerating SSH Researching Potential Vulnerabilities
Scanning with Masscan
Scanning with Metasploit
Scanning with Nessus – Part 1
Scanning with Nessus – Part 2
Different Shells: Reverse Shells and Bind Shells
Payload type
Gaining Root with Metasploit
Manual Exploitation: Making your own payload
Brute Force Attacks
Password Spraying and Credential Stuffing
Hydra Tool overview
Walkthrough – Lame
Walkthrough – Blue
Walkthrough – Devel
Walkthrough – Jerry
Walkthrough – Nibbles
Walkthrough – Bashed
Walkthrough – Netmon
More we will add as per time remains
PowerView Overview
Bloodhound Overview and Setup
Grabbing Data with Invoke-Bloodhound
Enumerating with Bloodhound
Pass the Hash / Password Overview
Pass the Password Attacks
Dumping Hashes with secretsdump.py
Cracking NTLM Hashes with Hashcat
Pass the Hash Attacks
Pass Attack Mitigations
Kerberoasting Overview
Kerberoasting Walkthrough
Kerberoasting Mitigation
The OWASP Top 10 and OWASP Testing Checklist
OWASP Top 10 2017 and 2019
Installing OWASP Juice Shop
Installing Foxy Proxy
Exploring Burp Suite
Introducing the Score Board
SQL Injection Attacks Overview
SQL Injection Walkthrough
SQL Injection Defenses
Broken Authentication Overview and Defenses
Testing for Broken Authentication
Sensitive Data Exposure Overview and Defenses
Testing for Sensitive Data Exposure
XML External Entities (XXE) Overview
XXE Attack and Defense
Broken Access Control Overview
Broken Access Control Walkthrough
Security Misconfiguration Attacks and Defenses
Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Overview
Reflected XSS Walkthrough
Stored XSS Walkthrough
Preventing XSS
Insecure Deserialization
Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities
Insufficient Logging and Monitoring
IDOR vulnerability
Bug Bounty as a Career
Bug Bounty as a Professional and Build your own Startup in Cyber Security
Wireless Penetration Testing Overview
WPA PSK Exploit Walkthrough
Wi-Fi hacking
Attack Defences
Introduction overview
Rooting Phone Overview
ADB shell
Remote Hacking
Company VAPT Reports – 30 mins
Common Legal Documents
Pentest Report Writing
Reviewing a Real Pentest Report
Overview of Digital Forensic
Future after completing the course
What will you learn from the course?
Introduction of Digital Forensic
Rules and Regulation
Laws and Legal Issues Demographically
Setting Lab for Computer Forensic
File Systems and Hard Disk Overview
Digital Media Devices
Image File Forensics Overview
Investigate Computer Crime Scene
Investigating the Company Policy Overview
Conducting the Investigation Process
Overview of Cloud Security
Future after completing the course
What will you learn from the course?
Overview of Cloud Computing
Types of Cloud Computing
Industry Overview of Cloud Computing
Services of Cloud Computing
Overview of Virtualization
Types of Virtualizations
Using Virtualization in localhost
Introduction to AWS platform
Services of AWS
Working overview on AWS Platform
Introduction to AZURE platform
Services of AZURE
Working overview on AZURE Platform
Overview of Virtual Network
Overview of Private and Public Network
Overview of VPN and VPS
Incident Response on Cloud
Logging and Monitoring on Cloud
Security policy on Cloud
IAM overview on Cloud
Security Services on AWS and AZURE
Security Tools on AWS and AZURE
Introduction to IAM
In depth in IAM
Working of IAM polices
Setup and working on IAM
Firewall and Monitoring tool overview on Cloud
Data Protection Policy on Cloud
IT Security Standards
IT Auditing and Process Planning
Risk Management and Business Continuity Planning
ISO 27001 and PCI DSS compliances
IT Security Compliances Overview
Career Advice – 30 mins
Future in Cyber Security
Profiles you get in Cyber Security Field
Resources and Goal Sets
Certifications and Degrees

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