The wide galaxy of software applications has spread in every event in this whole wide world, so it does exist at its extreme innovative existence at the NASCAR, one of the most popular sporting events in the world.

Did you know that what types of systems and software the teams at NASCAR are running on their pit box displays, and back in the garage? What we know is NASCAR controls the applications which make the event thru the NASCAR’s official stat keeping system. What we really want to know the technology which is used to bring this elite software system into its current existence.

All eyes today will be on NASCAR at the Pocono raceway, it will be exciting to see the competing pit coaches at NACAR use the state keeping screens to break down overhead video of the last pit stop and make notes or adjustments for the next change. This critical activity requires a lot of coordination and critical thinking. It reminds of those nail-biting movies like “birdcage” and the “silence”, where survival comes with the cost of making critical decisions.

Computer scientists at Washington University have built software that is integrated into modern technologies that enable tv viewers to immediately see how air moves through moving vehicles. This algorithm, first introduced last year at a computer graphics conference, has been used by sports network ESPN and sports technology business Sportvision Inc. to build a modern racing coverage influence. The accelerated progress took its toll at the end of July as ESPN used the Draft Track system to imagine the air movement behind cars in the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard, a NASCAR event on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Recently a bunch of developers from Washington University re-developed an Algorithm that dramatically speeds simulations of the real-time fluid dynamics. Along with ESPN, a corporation called Sportvision, headquartered in Chicago, has created the NASCAR racing program. The program Draft Track measures air movement across the vehicles and then shows it behind the vehicle as trailing colors. Green, blue, yellow, and red corresponds to different airflow speeds and directions when two or more cars approach each other while driving at speeds above 200 km / h. Firstly, the new algorithm simulates all the ways in which smoke, fire – or in this case modified stock cars – can act. The simulation then runs for a reduced number of physically possible parameters. Which helps the model to run faster than before a million times. This is all functional now at the NASCAR Pocono Raceway, making it once of the most technologically advanced sporting events in the world.

The galaxy of software applications and systems continue to grow and so is the complexity to create viable methodologies that allow software testing to be comprehensive enough to make this function in a clean and clear existence.

As part of the QA Training and job placement program, we run through a complete detail on how TestProject works.

TestProject is a 100 percent FREE platform for end-to-end test automation for web, mobile, and API testing. Even better, the # 1 test automation community supports this with thousands of loyal users. TestProject is Gartner’s top-rated free automation device, with 4.6/5 stars average.

TestProject keeps you up-to-date with the new software, libraries and SDKs required to build automated site and mobile app testing on a range of browsers and desktop devices as well as on any operating system (Windows, Linux or macOS). With Browsers, you can also check the iOS software!

Top factors TestProject you’ll love:

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Resolve6 Test AutomationThere a lot of promising automation tools out there, and you should surely research and finalize the best fit for your project. A quick intro to Test Automation, test automation is about running a software program that will carry out the execution of test cases automatically and produce the test results without any human intervention. Test Automation is a more mature way of performing testing after a manual test is being completed. The test automation approach creates a more comprehensive test coverage and saves on resource cost. Automation testing allows the scope of retesting an unlimited amount of times, without any lag on efficiency or accuracy.

There is a huge demand for test automation out there, with so many tools to choose from. Our spotlight today is on TestComplete which stands out among all of the test automation tools out there.

TestComplete is one of the popular tools to simplify desktop software, smartphone devices, and online applications. You can create and run usable UI tests with TestComplete with robust record & replay capabilities, or scripting in your favorite languages, like Python, JavaScript, VBScript, and more. With support for a wide variety of platforms, such as. Net and native and hybrid iOS and Android devices, combined with regression, concurrent and cross-browser testing features, you can use TestComplete to scale the experiments through 1500+real test environments for maximum coverage and improved device quality

TestComplete is a SmartBear Software-developed automated UI Testing tool. TestComplete is capable of generating automated functional tests for desktop, web, and mobile applications. It also has native Behavioral Guided Technology (BDD) support.

With Artificial Intelligence ( AI), this device is said to be remarkably easy to use. Create, maintain, and execute functional tests quickly and easily that will increase test coverage and ensure you are shipping high-quality, battle-tested software.

It has an unparalleled artificial intelligence hybrid object recognition engine. Its object recognition combines the property-based and AI-powered visual recognition to quickly, easily, and accurately find dynamic UI elements.

It is also referred to as a Script or Scriptless tool. The reason behind this is that you can currently do so in seven different languages (JavaScript, Python, VBScript, Jscript, DelphiScript, C #, and C+) if you want to script. If you don’t want to script, you can use its recording and play functionality.

In 1999, AutomatedQA developed TestComplete which is currently based in Somerville, Massachusetts. The current stable version of TestComplete is 14.0 which was launched in January 2019. SmartBear App is one of AutomatedQA Corp ‘s subsidiaries.

It is a highly paid tool that makes it difficult to be used by many organizations. They do provide a free trial of 30 days. That tool is used by some good product-based companies. There are actually fewer work vacancies on his method. Learning a paid tool is always hard on your own. It is a very effective device although it is not commonly used. More resources are paid for at TestComplete. As this tool has everything in it, it will have less career growth and can drastically reduce the number of resources needed to write automated tests. If you plan to start your TestComplete career then taking up Automation Testing using TestComplete Training will be an added benefit.

Disadvantages of TestComplete
Costs for licenses are high.
Supports Windows only.
There is not much assistance accessible across transparent societies.
The official documentation is not simple to begin with
The tool has a problem with stability
Cheaper than QTP but not as stable and powerful as QTP

When you compare TestComplete with Selenium, it is a script-less device that doesn’t need to begin with compulsory programming skills. It is very user friendly and helps create robust scripts. Compared to Selenium, it is much more powerful and feature-rich. But TestComplete’s cost is higher, and businesses go to open-source tools like Selenium. Selenium has more career growth and learning opportunities because programming needs to be good. TestComplete has fewer job openings because you don’t need more resources in a project like Selenium.

So TestComplete is ideally adapted for an average-skilled team and restricts timeline tasks for faster test scripts development. You can adjust the project budget by reducing the required number of resources.

The field of software testing has become one of most desirable careers for many individuals who want to start their career in information technology. To be well equipped with the skills and the thought process is a mandate to handle the job, so it’s important to pursue a service provider who specializes in training and skill development.

Most of the individuals who want to start their career in Software Testing are confused about picking and choosing what to learn and what to not learn. So to clarify such kinds of questions we want to write this quick note, to help individuals understand what is required to start your career in Software Testing.

Where do i start my journey to become a Software Tester

Well, there are many sources on the internet where you can learn what software testing is all about. However to get a comprehensive understanding of the subject tagged with real time and practical instances on how, why, where and when these conceptual understandings make a meaningful sense, you probably need guided and a management training provider, to help you thru this journey. (Check our upcoming Software QA Testing Job Placement Programs)

Should i have a computer science education to start a career in Information technology

No its not; When most of us graduate from university programs, 90% of us are not sure what career path we are going to end up; we pursue a choice that suits our personality at that point of time, and ironically most of study something and do something else in life. So don’t let a choice you made at a tender age of 18, dictate what you want or don’t want as your professional career. We have been in the field of Information Technology in Canada for the past 18 years now, and we have observed 100s of talented QA test professionals, who have come from very diverse backgrounds.

Should i be technical, if i choose Software Testing as field of choice

To make a choice to being part of Information Technology, and not being technical is a definite mismatch. But, don’t consider this as a show stopper, this is where the learning curve kicks in, where you need to understand, that technology is an evolving space, and what you learn today is obsolete tomorrow.

So its never too late to learn new technologies and tools and really become an contributing asset towards any project that you will endower on. We at Resolve6 understand this challenge and have tailored our programs with unique skill development methodologies that will help transform aspirants to successful Information technology practitioners.

Is Test Automation enough to land a job ?

Well, first you should realize the fact that, not every job is a test automation job, so the test automation skills that you learn may or may not be used in real time on a project. Having said that, to access a technical capability of a QA tester in an interview, QA test automation interview questions become an obvious choice for an interviewer.

So what we feel is that, if you are pursuing a career in Software Quality assurance, do make the effort to learn both manual testing and test automation. Check out our posts on test automation tools, to get a better idea of what to learn and what not to learn.

Should I learn Test Automation, only for interview purposes ?

Yes and No. If you have a little understanding on SDLC, you may already know that when IT started evolving, most of the preferred method of the development process was traditional.

Very popularly waterfall, and then came the more modern methodologies like Agile, which has become widely accepted and very popular choice for a fast and effect work environment. So is that it, where is the world of IT heading towards.

We are now heading towards a more automated process of both software development and operations, widely referred as DevOps. Now DevOps actually came to light around 5 years ago, so its quite new around the block, and it does make sense, that we are heading into a direction of using the DevOps stack of tools for testing purposes.

Is it expensive to learn Test Automation tools

Most of the test automation tools which fall under the DevOps stack are open source, (Check our post on DevOps for information). These tools are available online and can be downloaded at your convenience on a Windows PC or a MAC OS. However make sure to get a comprehensive training to master these tools.

If you want to keep yourself up to date with these tools, attend our monthly webinars, its free of cost and a good amount of information can be found here.

Finally .. How long does it take to start a career in Software QA Testing

Well, its all drills down to who is training you and what approach kind of approach will be taken in order to get you the job placement. We at Resolve6 have 18 years of experience in helping individuals start their careers in Information technology. We train and work with you, until you get placed !!

If you more questions, so feel free to contact us at 437-990-0020 or email us at to get all information you need.