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Course Overview

Software QA Testing Job Placement Program

If you are new to the field of Information Technology but want to set foot into the right program to kick start your professional career in the right direction, our Software QA Testing Job Placement program would be an ideal choice. Resolve6 offers Canada’s one and only program which covers both comprehensive training, Interview Training, Job Placement Services and on-job assistance and support.

Quality Assurance Testing is a platform-independent job, which does not require prerequisites to start your learning path. This is by far the best option to choose in the current IT Job market.

Reports suggest that close to 1,20,000 QA professionals will be required in Software Testing every year. Organizations worldwide are spending trillions of dollars yet 40% of the investments failed to deliver the expected returns because of failure to TEST the software and shortage of qualified software Quality Assurance Test Engineers.

Skills Covered

    • Core Java (for Beginners)
    • Test Automation with Selenium
    • Web Services Testing with SOAPUI
    • BDD Testing with Cucumber
    • Manual Testing
    • Testing in Agile Projects
    • Testing in DevOps
    • Jenkins, Maven, Git
    • Performance Testing with JMeter
    • Mobile Testing with Appium
    • SQL and ETL Testing
    • Resume Preparation
    • Interview Training

Upcoming Trainings

  • 13 July - QA Training & Job Placement Program

Key Features

    • 80 Hours of Blended Learning
    • Manual Testing & Automation Testing
    • Essential Interview Training
    • Resume Assistance
    • Job Placement Services
    • On-Job support and assistance
    • Hands-on Training on Popular Test Automation Tools



Software QA Testing professionals are highly paid and in-demand throughout industries including retail, eCommerce, finance, and technology.

  • Annual Salary
  • Hiring Companies

Service Options

Training Services

  • Highly Experienced Trainers
  • Hands-on Learning
  • 24×7 student assistance and support
  • Comprehensive Study Material
  • Interview Training

Job Placement Services

  • Resume Development
  • Marketing Services
  • Job onboarding assistance and support
  • 24×7 On-Job assistance and support
  • Free Access to Skill Development Webinars

Corporate Training

  • Performance insights to let you analyze, troubleshoot, and improve performance within your organization
  • Compliance training assists your employees in achieving learning goals
  • Flexible Training Schedules
  • 24×7 learner assistance and support

Course Curriculum

Software Testing Training and Job placement with Resolve6

We have been in the GTA area for more than 18 years till date, and we have abundant experience in transforming IT aspirants to IT professionals thru our job placement program. Our trainers have many years of experience in Canada working diversified on Software Quality Assurance and Software Testing Training. With having practical experience in multiple domains like Banking, Finance, Telecom, supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM), Healthcare, insurance, hospitality, Medical, Salesforce and other domains, we offer an in-depth understanding of the essentials and provide the required knowledge and resources to kick start your career. We offer both online and in-class training, in class training is conducted at our office located in Brampton, offering flexibility to candidates local to Brampton, Mississauga, North York, Toronto, Oakville

Our Six Step Approach




Our Software Testing Training uses the equilateral inception training methodology (EITM), to introduce and educate candidates into the field of information technology. Our custom tailored training has a comprehensive coverage from the traditional basics of Information technology to the most modern and widely used software development methodologies. Completing the training program gives the trainee the essentials to deep dive into the key concepts of Software Testing using Test Automation tools on Web applications, mobile applications, cloud computing applications.

Skill Development

The skills development stage of the program is tailored to elevate the trainee’s essential knowledge with a wide range of technical skills which includes from the basics to advanced. This includes both manual and test automation test practices.
As part of the Software Testing Course, we also cover essential skills on DevOps stack of tools like Jenkins, Maven, Git and many more.


Resume Preparation

Having a well-written resume is everything when it comes to being a successful candidate. As part of our Software Testing Training, we help our candidates in building a resume which showcases the skills which suit the requirements in the job market.


Interview Preparation

Our Software Testing Course includes intensive interview preparation in order to develop the candidate’s ability to present himself with the skills they have developed. We use various training concepts to make sure the candidate is ready for a real-time interview experience. Our proven interview training has resulted in getting more 500+ candidates placed as successful IT professionals over the past years. We continue to make our methodology more adaptable to ensure maximum results.


Job Placement

We have over 18 years of experience in kick-starting IT careers for our candidates who go through the job placement program/Software Testing Course. Many of our successful candidates now work in multinational companies with a successful career path.
Resolve6 has been a human resources provider for many esteemed organizations in Canada and the United States for more than 2 decades now, we continue to deliver our own trained candidates to work as successful IT practitioners in enterprise project environments. Our business tie-ups over the years have a proven track record of delivering the desired outcome to our job placement program.


Ongoing Support

Being a new bee on a project might sometimes become intensive, we consistently follow through on our due diligence to ensure our candidates get the right kind of support and training as part of our Software Testing Course to deliver their best on the project they endower.
We offer our Software Testing Course both online and in-class. In-Class training is offered for individuals in Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto. Our offices are located in Brampton, with close proximity for individuals who reside in Mississauga, North York, Brampton, Toronto, Vaughn and Oakville


Course Content

Introduction to Software Engineering
Understanding Software Development Process
What are the different phases of SDLC?
How does the process of Software Development Start?
Project Initiation
Requirement Gathering and Analysis
What is Requirement document and what it contains?
What is use case document and what it contains?
What is Basic path and Alternate Path?
Role of Business Analyst
Example for explaining each phase
Role of technical specification team
What is Technical specification document?
What is System Design?
Role of Design team
What is design document?
Role of architecture team
System development
Role of development team
Deliverable of Development phase
System testing
Role of testers and types of testing
User acceptance testing
System deployment
System maintenance
Events in the maintenance phase like bug fixes
How are the phases of STLC carried out?
What is testing?
Role of testers
Why do we need to test?
Activities involved in the testing phase
What is test plan and test case document?
Steps of test case execution
What does test case document contain?
How to write test case document?
What is required to test any application?
What is a Test Scenario?
What is a test case?
What does test case document contain?
Techniques to develop effective test cases?
Test Case Management
Data for Test Cases
Techniques to develop Test Data for Test Cases
What is a Test Plan?
How to write test plan document?
What does the test plan document contain?
Who writes and approves the test plan document?
How manage the test case documents?
What is the pass/fail criterion?
Different Phases of testing
What is unit testing?
What is Minimum acceptance testing?
What is integration, system and system integration testing?
What is User acceptance testing?
What is Regression Testing?
What is Accessibility Testing?
Performance Testing using JMeter
What is Non-Functional Testing?
Legacy Systems
Understanding Mainframe Testing
Testing on Unix
What is a defect?
Various Defect tracking tools
How to use the defect tracking tools?
How to enter the details of defect in the defect tracking tool?
How to identify a defect?
What is severity and priority?
Understanding Defect Triage
Developing Defect Metrics and Dashboards
Reporting Defects
Defect Management Techniques
Defect Retesting Techniques
What is Traceability Matrix[TM]?
Who Prepares the TM document?
What is the reference for writing TM?
What is the use of TM?
What is present in the TM document?
Sample TM
Tools used for developing TM
Mobile Origin and Mobile today
Mobile usage/ Statistics
Mobile Platforms
Mobile SDLC/ Methodologies
Mobile Testing/ Mobile Application Testing
Mobile Ecosystem
Challenges in Mobile Application Testing
Test Case Design – Mobile Applications
Cloud based Mobile Testing – Keynote Deviceanywhere
Tools – Bluestacks, SeeTest Manual, SeeTest Cloud
Types of Mobile Application Testing
Android Introduction/ Version History
Android Architecture
Setting up Android development environment
Building your first Android App
Running app on Emulator and Real Device
Android Application Code Walkthrough
Build Process
Debugging – DDMS/ ADB/ AVD
Introduction to MAC OS
Introduction to IOS/ Architecture
Introduction to XCODE
Provisioning Profile on IOS Platform
Build Process on IOS Platform
What is Automation Testing?
Learning to Program in Java
Test Automation on Web Applications using Selenium
Advantages & Disadvantages of Automation Testing
Automation Criteria (Whether to Automate or Not)
Web Applications, Web Testing and Test Automation for Web Applications
Introduction to Selenium and WebDriver
Introduction to Selenium IDE and Selenium Grid
Understanding Supported Browsers
WebDriver Flexibility and Extendibility
Installation of Eclipse (for Selenium WebDriver Programming in JAVA)
Usage of Eclipse
Configuring your machine for Selenium
Exercise on Selenium WebDriver
Selenium WebDriver in-depth
Selenium WebDriver Configuration with Eclipse
Locator Strategies
Hands on WebDriver Commands
Running WebDriver Tests on Internet Explorer, Firefox & Google Chrome
Reporting & Verifying Results
Debugging WebDriver Tests
Selenium Server Installation
Exercise on Selenium WebDriver
Test Frameworks
Validations using Assertions and Verification Points
Handling multiple windows and Pop Up windows
How to work with Date Picker
Run Script
Data Driven Testing
Working with IE Zoom setting , Capturing Screenshots, SSL Certificate, Protected mode of browser
Locating Page and UI Elements
Commands for Text-boxes, Buttons, Input tags
Commands for Radio buttons, Check-boxes
Commands for Select tag/Lists/Drop-downs, Tables
Commands to deal with Alerts, Popups and Multiple Windows
Sequence of Evaluation and Flow Control
Verifying Page Elements and their Attributes
Exercise on Selenium WebDriver Commands
Understanding CI, CD and DevOps
Working with Jenkins
Building Selenium Frameworks using Maven
Using GitHub Repositories
What is WebServices?,WSDL, SOAP, SOAPUI Pro Tool, XML
Discuss couple of projects developed with WebServices
Why WebServices are Being Used
Web Services Automation using SOAPUI, PostMan and SOATest
SoapUI Pro – Download, Installation
How to create project and add multiple WSDL to one project
XML, WSDL, SOAP and REST protocols
Testing Web Services with SoapUI Pro
Working with Properties
Creating Mock Services using SoapUI pro
Parameterization of Data / Data Driven Testing using SOAPUI tool – using data from local Excel file.
Create Automation Test Suite, Test case and adding steps to each test case
How to add and implement SOAP Test Request
How to add and implement Groovy Script
Using Properties
Using Property Transfer
Using DataGen
How to add Assertions and validate different scenarios in Request / Response
using XML and compare with pre defined data from Properties.
XPath& XQuery with SoapUI
How to write Groovy Script – Programming standards, concepts of Variables, writing logic to validate response xml
Defining variables to get the data from properties
How to debug the script, log.info etc.
Working with JDBC Connection
How to add Assertions and validate different scenarios using Groovy script.
Behavioral Driven Development (BDD)
BDD Testing using Cucumber
Cucumber Installation
Writing feature files
Writing simple scenarios and scenario outlines
Working with multiple datas via DataTable
Understanding hooks
Working with dependency injections
Learn Database models
Master writing simple and complex queries that retrieve data from the database
Calculate information across result sets using aggregate queries
Insert, update, and delete data
Retrieve data from tables
Working with Joins
Developing Sub-queries
Understand Data testing with Hands-on training on MySQL Database
ETL Testing
Big Data Testing
Understanding Agile Scrum
Tester role in Daily SCRUM Meetings
Learning Problems with traditional testing
Understanding Agile Manifesto and principles
Working with Agile methods
Agile process options
Understanding Agile Project Roles
Understanding Agile Ceremonies
Test Estimation in Agile Projects
Working with User Stories
Test Planning in Agile projects
Working with Jira
Managing Test Project in Jira
Building Jira Dashboard for Testing
Issue Management in Jira
Working with Confluence
Working with JIRA and Confluence integration.
Resume Preparation
Mock Interview Training

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    Training FAQs

    A Software Testing career involves working towards the assurance of software/application/system quality. More than 40% of the time and effort of software development is spent in various forms of testing, so there is always an exponential growth and requirement for skilled software testers.

    Manually repeating tests is usually expensive and time consuming. Automating manual test cases can be run in unlimited iterations as required with no additional cost to the project, and moreover automation testing is faster and effective than manual testing. Every software project considers automation testing after manual testing in order to save cost and increase efficiency.

    if you are unhappy with your current career, and want to seek a career path in IT which is easy enough to learn, rewarding in salary and adaptable to a career change, software testing would be an ideal choice. Over the years, many students have transitioned their career path to Software testing and now work as success IT professionals.