Software QA Testing

Software QA Testing Job Placement Program

If you are new to the field of Information Technology but want to set foot into the right program to kick start your professional career in the right direction, our Software QA Testing Job Placement program would be an ideal choice. Resolve6 offers Canada’s one and only program which covers both comprehensive training, Interview Training, Job Placement Services and on-job assistance and support.

Quality Assurance Testing is a platform-independent job, which does not require prerequisites to start your learning path. This is by far the best option to choose in the current IT Job market.

Reports suggest that close to 1,20,000 QA professionals will be required in Software Testing every year. Organizations worldwide are spending trillions of dollars yet 40% of the investments failed to deliver the expected returns because of failure to TEST the software and shortage of qualified software Quality Assurance Test Engineers.

Training and Job placement with Resolve6

We have been in the GTA area for more than 18 years till date, and we have abundant experience in transforming IT aspirants to IT professionals thru our job placement program. Our trainers have many years of experience in Canada working diversified on Software Quality Assurance and Software Testing. With having practical experience in multiple domains like Banking, Finance, Telecom, supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM), Healthcare, insurance, hospitality, Medical, Salesforce and other domains, we offer an in-depth understanding of the essentials and provide the required knowledge and resources to kick start your career.

Our Six Step Approach


Training and Job placement

1) Training

We use the equilateral inception training methodology (EITM), to introduce and educate candidates into the field of information technology. Our custom tailored training has a comprehensive coverage from the traditional basics of Information technology to the most modern and widely used software development methodologies. Completing the training program gives the trainee the essentials to deep dive into the key concepts of Software Testing using Test Automation tools on Web applications, mobile applications, cloud computing applications.

2) Skill Development

The skills development stage of the program is tailored to elevate the trainee’s essential knowledge with a wide range of technical skills which include

– Introduction to Software Engineering
– Understanding Software Development Process

Test Automation
– Learning to Program in Java
– Test Automation on Web Applications using Selenium
– Web Services Automation using SOAPUI, PostMan and SOATest
– Performance Testing using JMeter

Testing with Data
– Understand Data testing with Hands-on training on MySQL Database
– ETL Testing
– Big Data Testing

Legacy Systems
– Understanding Mainframe Testing
– Testing on Unix

Job Placement Assistance
– Resume Preparation
– Mock Interview Training

As part of the skill development program, we also cover essential skills on DevOps stack of tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, Maven and many more.

3) Resume Preparation

Having a well-written resume is everything when it comes to being a successful candidate. We help our candidates in building a resume which showcases the skills which suit the requirements in the job market.

4) Interview Preparation

We conduct an intensive interview preparation in order to develop the candidate’s ability to present himself with the skills they have developed. We use various training concepts to make sure the candidate is ready for a real-time interview experience. Our proven interview training has resulted in getting more 500+ candidates placed as successful IT professionals over the past years. We continue to make our methodology more adaptable to ensure maximum results.

5) Job Placement

We have over 18 years of experience in kick-starting IT careers for our candidates who go through the job placement program. Many of our successful candidates now work in multinational companies with a successful career path.

Resolve6 has been a human resources provider for many esteemed organizations in Canada and the United States for more than 2 decades now, we continue to deliver our own trained candidates to work as successful IT practitioners in enterprise project environments. Our business tie-ups over the years have a proven track record of delivering the desired outcome to our job placement program.

6) Ongoing Support

Being a new bee on a project might sometimes become intensive, we consistently follow through on our due diligence to ensure our candidates get the right kind of support and training to deliver their best on the project they endower.


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