Quality Assurance Testing is a platform independent job. If you are new to Information Technology field, Software QA Testing Training is the best option to choose because of many reasons. Quality Assurance Online training is another best way to save time and money and become QA Tester.

QA Testing Course is the best option to choose in current IT Job market. Reports suggest that close to 1,20,000 QA professionals will be required in Testing every year.

Organizations worldwide are spending trillions of dollars yet 40% of the investments failed to deliver the expected returns because of failure to TEST the software and shortage of qualified software Quality Assurance Test Engineers.

Training at Resolve6

Our trainers have many years of experience in Canada working diversified on Software Quality Assurance and Software Testing. With our having practical experience in multiple domains like Mobile applications, Banking, Finance, Telecom, supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM), Healthcare, insurance, hospitality, Medical, Salesforce and other domains, we offer an indepth understanding of the essentials.

Manual Testing

  • Software Engineering
  • Detailed information about SDLC – Software Development Life Cycle.
  • Software Development Methodologies – V-Model Waterfall, Agile, SCRUM, Sprint, User Stories etc.
  • Software Requirement Specification Documents
  • Business Requirement Document (BRD)
  • Functional Requirement Document (FRD)
  • Roles and responsibilities of business analyst, developers, technical architects, qa testers, configuration management team, end users, clients, project managers, qa lead, qa manager.
  • What is Software Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing?
  • Software Testing Life Cycle  (STLC)
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HP ALM (Application Life Cycle Management) / HP Quality Center

  • Installation instructions and resolving the Quality center installation issues on student’s computer.
  • HP Quality center Installation Issues.
  • Introduction to Quality Center. How to Manage testing Process using HP Quality Center.
  • Advantages of Quality Center Over Excel Sheet.
  • Requirements Module: Write Requirements on Banking / Finance Domain Project
  • Test Plan Module: Based on the requirement write Test Plan, Test Cases and RTM – Requirement traceability Matrix.
  • Defects Module:
  • Export Test cases from Excel sheet to Quality Center.
  • Export Data from Quality Center to Excel.
  • Overview of BPT, Resources & Reports – Graphs Module.
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SQL – Structure Query Language

  • What is Database?
  • What is RDBMS – Relational Database Management System?
  • What are the RDBMS currently available in the Market?
  • What is SQL?
  • What is Data Definition Language (DDL)
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UNIX | Linux Operating System

  • Install tools “Putty” and Cygwin
  • Introduction to UNIX / Linux: What is UNIX Operating System? and Tester role in UNIX
  • Important UNIX commands
  • What is FTP? FTP Commands, FTP tools like Filezilla, WinScp etc.
  • FTP the files from one operating system to another.
  • Practice on UNIX / Linux
  • Interview Questions on Unix / Linux.
  • What is shell script? VI Editor?
  • How to execute Shell script.
  • What is Log file?
  • How to ftp log files to windows OS and send it to developers to track the defects
  • How to practice Linux commands using Cygwin
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HP QTP | HP UFT Training – Automation Testing

  • Introduction to Automation Testing
  • Drawbacks of manual testing
  • Benefits of automation Testing
  • Advantages of using UFT
  • Different testing tools available in the market for automation testing
  • Evaluate the tool/Selection criteria of tool , ROI
  • Selection criteria for the manual test cases to be automated
  • Overview of manual testing and automation testing
  • Advantages of QTP | HP UFT
  • Version history of QTP | HP UFT
  • QTP | HP UFT new features
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SAP Testing

  • SAP Business Process
  • Modules
  • Module Integration
  • Industry Solutions
  • SAP Implementation Methodology
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Web Services Testing / SOA / SoapUI Training

  • Why Middleware technologies like Tibco, CORBA, Message Q, IBM MQ and WebServices in a real time software project development?
  • What is Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)?
  • Who is using SOA?
  • What is WebServices?Why WebServices are Being Used?
  • SOA – Service Oriented Architecture and Web services?
  • What is WSDL?
  • Web Service Standards
  • Understanding WSDL
  • WSDL Specification
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ETL Testing Training, Data warehouse Testing

  • What is ETL & Data Warehousing?
  • Extraction
  • Transformation
  • Loading
  • Introduction to Data ware house, purpose of DWH with examples
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Mobile Application Testing Training

  • Mobile application testing training advantages
  • What is Mobile Application Testing?
  • Differences between Mobile and Mobile application testing.
  • Differences between Native, Hybrid and Mobile Web application?
  • Complexity of mobile testing domain.
  • Mobile Applications
  • Network related applications.
  • Other applications.
  • Recommended strategy for mobile application testing
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