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Application Lifecycle Management (Quality Center v.11) **NEW

January 27, 2011 admin Software Testing

HP recently released the newest version of Quality Center, they call it the Application Lifecycle Management Application or QC 11 to refer to context. Quite exciting!. I feel the name suits the objective, as ALM is designed to adapt the dynamics of Agile Software Development more aggressively and productively.

HP Application Lifecycle Management provides a centralized platform for managing and automating the application lifecycle, from inception to retirement. It empowers application teams to plan, build and release better-quality applications with fewer delays.

HP Application Lifecycle Management features :

  • Centrally manage and track all application projects
  • Attain real-time visibility into the application lifecycle
  • Centrally manage and enforce consistent workflows and processes
  • Reduce duplication of effort across projects
  • Provide an aggregated, cross-application project view of quality status and defect trends
  • Facilitate collaboration and communication among internal and external stakeholder groups, across multiple projects

Here is a video on a Webinar, given by Raziel Tabib, Sr. Product Manager at HP for the HP ALM Suite, the video briefly provides an orientation on the features on the latest version of QC 11.


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