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Covid-19 : Impact on the Job Market in 2020

March 30, 2020 admin Software Testing

Things are out of control in Canada and North America. With more than 6000 cases confirmed in Canada and with over 1000 just in Ontario, business looks very unpredictable in 2020.

We were able to still secure new placements, which were completely WFH, end to end from onboarding to operations. This is something that we have never seen in the 20 years of business that we have done in Canada.

Get ready and expect interviews, job placements and operations all happen all online, all from home.

China has shown that they were able to overcome the catastrophic situations with extensive use of technology, big data and artificial intelligence. Every person who lives in China are adapted to the technology changes and were able to overcome the virus. Now the question is, if Canada and the USA are in the same position, and can replicate what China has done.

There are several constraints when it comes to surveillance, use of personal data, photos and any kind of personal information. We citizens of the free world have rights, and these rights allow us to protect our privacy. For China being a communist colony has no such restrictions to implement a state of the art of system that can help the country overcome such a pandemic.

Awareness with Technology is the only way, this pandemic can be handled. This would require policy changes, a constant awareness campaign, a huge workforce that can transform a technology to save lives.

2020 will be a year of indoor life styles. So the business needs to be conducted with a workforce operating from home. We at Resolve6 are already conducting business online, from online training, job placements, and skill development initiatives for SQA factory.

Get ready and expect interviews, job placements to happen all online. Here some tips that can help you.

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