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How to Select an IT Career Path: Steps for Beginners

June 16, 2022 blogger Resolve6 Talk

Information technology is a field that is very appealing to students and workers seeking profitable and fulfilling careers. An IT career can not only provide excellent opportunities for steady employment but also provide chances for professional growth. However, there are a few qualities every professional aspiring for a career in IT should have. They should be problem-solvers, enjoy working with computers, and capable of collaborating with a team.

Many people think that an IT career means working in a large glass building in a large city. However, that is not the case. Every sector of an industry requires an IT department that can assist with technical IT-related problems. IT skills have been gaining much popularity in the healthcare sector, governmental and administrative sectors, financial and banking organizations, and educational institutes. With a career in IT, you can choose to work remotely from another part of the world and still be on top of work challenges.

Another important benefit of working in IT is the diversity in career paths. An IT professional can work on cloud computing, data science, cybersecurity, computer support, or other areas. Each area of expertise focuses on specific operations that can help businesses operate quicker and more efficiently.

To help you choose which IT career path would be the best fit for you, we have listed down different potential IT career paths that you can acquire knowledge and education for online:

Different IT Career Paths and How to Select the Perfect One for You


An IT career in cybersecurity means that you will be responsible for safeguarding important information on different computer systems and devices and protecting data from malware, damage, malware, and data breaches. Cybersecurity professionals are in high demand in the IT industry, and even starting positions in the market pay handsomely. The projected growth and demand for professionals in the coming years are expected to increase by 31%. As a beginner, you can opt for jobs as a cybersecurity analyst, information security analyst, or a cybersecurity engineer. With more experience in the field, you can also become an ethical hacker for large companies or a senior cybersecurity engineer.

Full Stack Development

Full Stack Development is another great IT career path to choose for beginners. As a Full Stack developer, you will be responsible for both the front and backend of a web application or website. A Full Stack developer works with CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and other backend languages. The reason why the term “Full Stack” is used for these professionals is that they have the complete skill set to build web pages, web applications, and websites from start to end.

Full-stack developers can communicate with both backend and front-end developers, which allows companies to save time and resources. A career path in Full Stack development begins with learning front-end development and learning backend development afterward.

Software Development

Software development is among the most popular IT career paths you can choose. You can create various programs and accomplish any software-related tasks as a software developer. You can change and alter your program code to access your internet browser, stream music services, or interconnect online video calling. The field of software development is quite vast and can include a variety of industries such as game development, tech, finance, etc.

Since a software developer is responsible for many job duties at the workplace, they are compensated handsomely for their contribution. The projected demand for software developers is expected to rise by 22%. You can start a career in software development as a software engineer, software developer, or software quality assurance professional. You can begin your journey by studying the basics of programming languages such as Ruby, Java, and Python.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is another popular IT career that has been expected to see the most growth in the coming years. Cloud computing is a field that involves the implementation of cloud-based solutions for data retrieval and storage. Cloud computing professionals build tailored cloud systems for businesses, upgrade existing cloud systems, and manage problems and bugs. A cloud computing professional usually utilizes AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud platforms. As a beginner in the industry, you can avail employment opportunities as a cloud computing programmer or a cloud engineer. A more experienced professional in the industry can work as a cloud architect or cloud consultant.


With ever-present data collection taking place on the internet from different devices, companies have access to key data about their operations, services, and customers. Using this data for their services, business growth, and customer satisfaction, is of the utmost importance to companies worldwide. The rising demand for data skills and data science professionals makes this IT career path one of the most highly-paying and in-demand IT careers of all. A person with some background knowledge about IT support can begin working in data easily. As a data professional, you will be able to work with hardware as a data technician or look for trends or behavior patterns as a data scientist or data analyst.


DevOps is an exciting field for people who like to solve complicated problems. It is the perfect job for people who enjoy the process of creating a product more than the finished product itself. DevOps engineers are able to break down complex problems that can be easily resolved and can assist companies in maximizing their productivity through automation. A career in DevOps is not only highly engaging for people who like a challenge but also pays high wages. DevOps can be a great choice to consider if you are looking for a strong, impactful and highly engaging career in IT. It has tremendous growth potential in the coming years and can also allow the flexibility to work remotely from anywhere in the world.

Take Your First Step Towards a Career in IT

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