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Career in “Software QA Testing” ?

January 19, 2011 admin Software Testing,

After loosing all my previous blogs on software testing, it kinda took me a while to think around this fact to come over this trauma and start to blog on my core competency again.

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QTP Interview Questions

January 18, 2011 admin Software Testing,

1. How Does Run time data (Parameterization) is handled in QTP? A). You can then enter test data into the Data Table, an integrated Spreadsheet with the full functionality of Excel, to manipulate data Sets and create multiple test iterations, without programming, to Expand test case coverage. Data can be typed in or imported from…

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Resolve UNIX in 10 mins

January 16, 2011 admin Software Testing,

One of the key skills a QA Tester should have is, the ability to use UNIX; the following are some of the basics that you need to know to be able to work and validate applications which have a UNIX middle tier. The post is re-blogged from the topic “Basic UNIX Command Line (shell) navigation”…

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Testing Data-Warehouse Applications

January 11, 2011 admin Software Testing,

Testing the process of Extract Transform and Load for a Data-Warehouse applications has become pridominently popular and significant; businesses are increasingly focusing on the collection and organization of data for strategic decision-making. The ability to review historical trends and monitor near real-time operational data has become a key competitive advantage. Testing Goals There is an…

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