Technology is a rapidly growing sector in Canada, driving innovation and employment. With almost 37,000 firms and $160 billion CAD in revenue, the IT Association of Canada (ITAC) considers the IT industry to be the engine of growth, and individuals often refer to Toronto, one of the IT hubs of Canada, as the Silicon Valley of the North. In this article, we take a deeper look at IT job placement in Canada.

IT Jobs in Canada

IT was one of the most rapidly growing career segments in Canada in 2018 and continues to attract attention in 2022 because of the booming tech landscape. Technology is evolving at an unimaginable pace worldwide, and Canada is well-positioned to capitalize on the tech boom, as it has already started to adopt emerging technologies such as agile delivery, artificial intelligence, security, cloud services, and analytics.

The economy and business-friendly policies have already attracted giants like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Amazon to establish delivery centers in Canada. Owing to the rapid expansion, Canada’s technology sector secured the title of “the fastest growing industry in the country.” As a matter of fact, Toronto created more jobs in 2018 than the Washington DC, San Francisco Bay Area, and Seattle combined. Moreover, Toronto has also leaped forward in the ranking of the “talent markets,” even surpassing New York.

IT Job Placement in Canada

Whether you’re seeking guidance on industry developments, actively recruiting, or just require information about the expected wage levels, Resolve6 Training can assist you.

Resolve6 Software Solutions is a leading technical recruitment firm based in the GTA, specializing in recruiting skilled and qualified resources for temporary, contract, and permanent job openings on behalf of the USA’s and Canada’s biggest businesses.

The consistency of its recruitment services is proven by the fact that over 50 per cent of its business comes from repeat clients and referrals.

IT Job Placement Program

Resolve6 Training offers a number of IT job placement programs to help you secure a well-paying job. These programs cover both in-depth training, interview practice, job placement services, and on-the-job support and assistance.

Some of these programs include:

1. Software QA Testing Job Placement Program

QA Testing is a platform-independent job that doesn’t require prerequisites to kickstart your learning. It’s one of the best options to pick in the existing job market. The skills covered in this placement program include:

2. DevOps AWS Training and Job Placement Program

The AWS DevOps training program is designed to teach Amazon Web Services DevOps skills to individuals who wish to kickstart their careers as DevOps engineers in IT. The training will prepare you for AWS Certification and help you learn the skills to perform effectively within the operational and development areas of the software development life cycle. In addition, you will learn how to create effective DevOps pipelines using the top practices for constant development, continuous integration, and constant deployment.

3. Business Analyst Certification Training and Job Placement Program

Resolve6 Business Analyst Training and Job Placement prepares you for a Business Analyst role, allowing you to analyze a business domain, processes, systems, or organizations. The skills you learn will enable you to work as a Business Analyst and work as a liaison among the key stakeholders to comprehend the structure, operations, and policies of a company and even suggest solutions and facilitate the organization attain its business objectives.

4. Full Stack Development Training and Job Placement Program

The Full Stack Development Training by Resolve6 is designed to develop important skills needed to kick off a career as a Full Stack Developer.

The certified trainers offering the Full Stack Development Course offer intense hands-on training to make sure you’re comfortable using the industry’s best techniques and practices to deliver ideal web solutions to the end-user.

5. Data Science Training

In the Data Science Training course, you will get a detailed understanding of analyzing the data and creating Machine learning models using ML libraries in Python. Once you understand the interesting methodology taught in this course, you can solve real-world problems with the necessary modifications.

By the end of the course, you would’ve built a collection of projects across various areas in machine learning and will basically comprise a portfolio you can showcase.

6. Cyber Security Masters Program

The Cyber Security Masters Program allows you to gain in-depth training on cybersecurity and app security using Burpsite. In addition, you will also understand and test application vulnerabilities and comprehend risk across your endpoints, network, cloud environments, and containers. This IT job placement program also covers quantitative and qualitative decision-making using OSINT, network security, and discovery auditing using Nmap.

Current Job Openings

Resolve6 also allows you to apply for jobs all over Canada. Some of the current job openings listed on our website include:

Concluding Remarks

Established in 2002, Resolve6 Software Solutions has more than 15 years of experience in IT training and job placement services. Our faculty has more than 17 years of experience in their relevant IT fields. Unlike other job placement programs, we share real-time project experience as part of our training workshop. Over the course of our training cycles, we share in-depth understanding and knowledge of the subject, provide references to real-world instances, give you hands-on exposure along with guidance and support in creating your resume, and offer comprehensive interview training.

The company’s one-of-a-kind training methodology aims to fully equip candidates with the required skill set and knowledge to get placed and function as effective resources in the IT sector.