Are you still unsure of your career path?

If you’re looking for something dynamic and exciting, you should study cyber security online. Lessons on data protection and ethical hacking can lead to an excellent career trajectory.

Forbes reports that cyber security analysts’ employment rates will grow substantially and reach 31.2% by 2029. Information security experts will earn an estimated six-figure salary per annum on average information.

Thus, a career in information security has all the makings of your dream job. As an aspiring professional or seasoned IT worker interested in a career switch, you should study cyber security online to hone your academic knowledge and aptitude.

This article highlights the advantages of becoming a cyber security analyst. Before we take a deep dive into its benefits, we will brush up on what a career in cyber security means.

Let’s begin!

The Premise: What Does a Cyber Security Analyst Do?

Information security analysts protect the IT infrastructure of an organization. The setup includes network, hardware, software, and confidential business data.

Whether you’re hired as a contractual consultant or in-hour technician, your duties are more or less the same. Analysts monitor proprietary business security networks and systems to safeguard work-related data against virtual criminals.

As a cyber security analyst, you can work independently as a consultant for various clients or apply for contractual work in an organization.

Your daily responsibilities include:

In addition to this, you must maintain appropriate records to track IT activities within the system. Experienced information technology specialists are responsible for conducting cyber security workshops to raise awareness about dealing with security breaches.

There’s a lot of scope in this field with a continuous demand for specialists.

The Pay Scale: How Much Does a Cyber Security Analyst Earn?

As per Indeed, a cyber security analyst can earn $86,951 per annum. While PayScale states that the hourly rate for cyber security jobs can go up to $50.The average earning rate can vary from place to place. Your experience, skill level, and designation also determine the pay scale.

In most cases, the salary for an information security expert starts from $25,000 and goes up to $183,000 per year. This doesn’t include seasonal bonuses and appraisals you may receive depending on your company’s employee benefit policies.

Freelancers in the same sector can earn relatively less or more depending on the number of projects they complete.

If you become a cyber security analyst, you can earn a sizable income and secure financial security within a short period.

The Benefits: Why Should You Study Cyber Security for Your Career Growth?

Cyber security jobs are gratifying for personal and professional reasons. They pay well and present you with limitless challenges to expand your IT skills. You can focus on professional and personal development goals through this career. It’s something we rarely see in corporate sectors.

Hence, professionals interested in working within an ever-evolving industry should study cyber security. It will help you qualify for a good position in this competitive space.

Here are some other advantages of studying cyber security for your career growth:

There’s No Limit to Job Opportunities  

The rise of cyberattacks keeps niche analysts booked and busy. You will never go out of business as long as there are hackers and scammers deceiving people online. The key lies in gaining extensive knowledge about cyber security trends and preparing for threats of all kinds.

One of the reasons to study cyber security includes using this academic opportunity as a refresher course in the field. You can equip yourself with industry knowledge and learn to use new tools to promote online safety for your organization and clients.

Moreover, brushing up on your basics will help you divert and detract malicious attacks and ill-intended security breaches with ease.

There’s Never a Dull Moment in Your Professional Life

Are you tired of working 9-5 at the same pace? An IT expert might have to deal with similar complaints and complete mundane tasks each day. It can get dull after a while if you are working remotely.

In contrast, cyber security jobs give you an adrenaline rush as you take on new challenges. Each day brings something new and exciting to the table. You can use this opportunity to resolve technical puzzles, develop innovative anti-virus systems, and build proprietary software to protect company infrastructure.

In short, this career pathway has scope for innovation and creativity, unlike some desk-bound jobs.

Niche Specialties within the Cyber Security Sector Are Rewarded

A couple of years ago, cyber security was part of the job description for IT experts working in surveillance and network support teams. Career paths diverged as online safety became a significant concern for organizations.

Due to this, a brand new designation emerged in the form of cyber security analysts. New fields continue to arise in this discipline. These days, you can apply for a job in the government, architecture, forensics, corporate, science, and engineering sectors. The versatility makes it an exciting and ever-changing career path.

Consequently, this gives you a chance to push your capabilities and find a job that unleashes your true potential.

Ready to Become a Cyber Security Analyst?

Long story short, the prevalence of cybercrimes means there’s always room for more information security experts.  When you study cyber security courses, you prepare yourself for this job’s challenges. You also increase your chances of securing a high-paying job at a credible company.

It opens the doors for rewarding career choices, versatile experiences, and a growth mindset. These benefits are hard to find in non-tech sectors.

So why are you waiting? Contact us today to take a course that can take your career to the next level in the IT industry.