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What is DevOps?

The term is a combination of development and Operation, a set of practices for agile software design. It primarily focuses on improved communication, collaboration, and integration between IT operations and software developers. It is an umbrella term that some describe as a cultural change, philosophy, and paradigm shift. DevOps treats infrastructure the same way developers treat code as a fundamental principle.

Now that we have touched upon DevOps, let’s move on to AWS (Amazon Web Services)!

What is AWS?

It is a subsidiary of Amazon that offers affordable cloud computing services, making the customer base strong. It uses remote servers on the internet that store, manage and process data to run your application. AWS provides services that enable the deployment, creation, and maintenance of infrastructure in a descriptive, programmatic, and declarative way.

Why should you learn DevOps with AWS?

DevOps practices vary with the tasks: Application development focuses on building codes, code coverage, unit testing, packaging, and overall development. However, with infrastructure, DevOps focuses on configuration, provisioning, orchestration, and development.

Thanks to the present-day cloud technology, the new servers get ready instantaneously with the swift tools and technology provided by amazon in provisioning the server and adding any workload on top of it and creating durable storage.

AWS offers a DevOps-focused way of creating and maintaining infrastructure. These services provide clarity, rigor, and reliability. DevOps has become the need of the hour; it is necessary to get full-fledged DevOps training from a trusted source.

Popular choices to learn DevOps 

Learning DevOps with AWS is sure to level up your knowledge and programming game a notch. With the help of agile methodologies, we have understood the importance of continuous integration. Now those tables have turned and with the latest technologies, taking up a DevOps training would be an add-on to your career choice.

Below are the 10 best reasons to learn DevOps

  1. Anyone Can Learn DevOps
  2. Easy To Get A Job
  3. Fat Paycheck
  4. Fast Career Growth
  5. Exposure To Various Trending Tools and Technologies
  6. Lesser Software Failure
  7. Faster Releases
  8. Separate Yourself from the Crowd
  9. Become More Valuable to the Company
  10. 360 Degree View of the SDLC

Key learning areas of AWS 

AWS CloudFormation: DevOps teams are required to create and release cloud instances and services frequently. AWS CloudFormation makes it easier to organize and deploy a collection of AWS resources. It allows you to describe any dependencies or pass in unique parameters when the stack is configured.

Feel superior with hands-on experience with AWS training course and DevOps training to shape your career.

Role of AWS in DevOps 

AWS is playing an integral role in shaping the future of DevOps with its services. AWS is known for not demanding a setup or software for installation. It allows you to take good advantage of the services available and focus on the core product.

Make the most of these flexible compute resources through simplifying provisioning, configuration, and scaling. AWS, being programmable allows you to use each service via APIs and SDKs. Automation of manual tasks to test workflows, container management and configuration is made easy with AWS. 

According to Grand View Research, “It is expected that the global DevOps market size will reach USD 12.85 billion by 2021.” These studies demonstrate the demand and rise in the adoption of cloud technologies. It also signifies that as and when the IT teams improve, it will enhance operations’ efficiency.

DevOps’ future can be seen as a cultural shift. It brings conventionally disconnected components in deployment, development, and delivery into a single loop. It merely means the elimination of a few roles and multiplied roles in microservice architecture. The future states reduction of manual approvals as automation has stepped in to play a massive part in the DevOps cycle.

The best source to understand the role of AWS and the future of DevOps in the market could be through a prominent AWS training course.

How is AWS used in Enterprise web applications?

According to Investopedia, AWS is known to break the record of being a $10 billion business. AWS is used in major companies as they are in constant search for large amounts of storage. Since the cost of AWS is modified based on the customers’ usage, start-ups, and small businesses opt for amazon.

Key reasons why large scale enterprises use AWS 

With AWS, if you need more machines to make a test or experiment UAT, you get that capacity very easily and fast; making the opportunities endless.

It allows you to adjust IT resources as you require them. Such flexibility provides you with the opportunity to create a great environment for your experiments. You can test and try your applications without compromising on quality.

AWS services are affordable, and you have to pay for what you use. It means you only need to pay for the cloud IT resources. Moreover, you don’t have to make any significant investments in advance.

All AWS data centres are highly secure; therefore, you need not worry about data leaks or other similar issues. There is always scope to add an additional layer of security to increase the level of data protection.

Once you create an enterprise application, it is essential to make it high-performing and resilient. AWS helps you build a reliable system with the ability to recover data from infrastructure failures automatically.  

DevOps Engineer- Popular Job Openings!

With various applications and platforms evolving rapidly, the world is emerging technologies to conquer the digital economy. You might be aware of the steady spike in demand for DevOps experts in the business. Enroll for an AWS training course as an add on to your skills. 

Few important points to consider before you step into a DevOps Career  

Career Advancement with AWS/DevOps 

DevOps overcame one of the main problems faced by businesses for a long time. It eliminated the conflicts between development and operations teams. Companies who have incorporated DevOps practices witnessed getting more done at a faster pace. It helped to allow organizations to provide software solutions rapidly.

Here are some of the famous job roles you can consider once you upskill in AWS training course.

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Salary range for AWS/DevOps Engineer 

According to Payscale, the average salary for AWS (Amazon Web Services)/ DevOps (Development Operations) Engineer is $99,547 per year. 

As DevOps is currently in high demand, with no signs of slowing down in the far future. Hence, this might be the right time to enroll for the AWS training course and get started on your journey.

DevOps and AWS Resume Tips 

We have combined a few tips you can use while creating/updating your resume for a DevOps Engineer with AWS.

DevOps  Interview Prep

Here are the top free DevOps interview question & answer resources to help advance your career 

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