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Recruitment Process Details



Connect with Us

Connect with our experienced Recruitment Consultants or upload your work application to our website to discuss your hiring process and your best contact point, and we will call you as soon as possible.


Requirement Analysis

We will personally schedule a comprehensive teleconference or face-to-face meeting with you to discuss your needs. If you don’t have a job description at this point, we can help with the planning and designing an appropriate one for you.


The Skill Trends

Our specialists will provide an objective evaluation of market conditions, applicant availability and how appealing your position and compensation package is.



It’s not just about the job specifications on paper, our technology professionals will do indepth brainstorming on your requirements to understand your company and the type of individuals that will succeed in your organization.


Creating Milestones

In our recruiting cycle, project timescales and goals are decided in advance and we work towards to meeting these timelines as promised.


Access to Top Candidates

Our recruitment specialists reach out to potential aspirants via our industry-leading database with access to top candidates, a variety of advertising strategies, successful networking with key business partners and using social media trends.


Reference Checks

We conduct full reference checks on potential new employees beforehand, to guarantee credibility on their experience and skill set.


Offer Management

We manage deals to ensure that you secure your new recruit at the right salary level within your ideal timescales.

We provide tailored and knowledgeable recruiting strategies for all facets of the organisation, as part of a multinational community of hands-on industry experience.