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New Training and Job Placement Programs starting in January 2022


2021 has been a very successful year for Resolve6 Software Solutions. We were able to introduce a more comprehensive approach in skill development in all the training and job placement programs we cover. To meet the challenges of Covid-19 in 2021, we cultivated new training techniques and an innovative approach to ensure we are more productive on the results. We were able to see the results as planned.

On our Software testing program, we introduced a very a broader program to cover all the required set of automation tools in our training agenda, now along with a in-depth training on Selenium, we included JMeter, Appium, Cucumber, ALM, Zypher, JIRA, SOAPUI, PostMan, CI/CD tools, making our program the most comprehensive testing program in Canada.

Even in our AWS DevOps program, we now included Azure and Google Cloud to ensure we cover everything required to be successful DevOps Engineer. Our 80 hour Full Stack Developer Program, Cyber Security program and Data Sciences Program adopt the same agenda on a broader training approach.





Here are a list of programs that we plan to start in January 2022, For more details visit https://www.resolve6training.ca/popular-courses/