Software Testing back in the day was about know the basics of testing, how to read a business requirement and articulate that requirement into a test case. That was the totality of the job (still is in many companies). But where is it heading, are we seeing this to stay the same for the next many years, or will it change. Yes, its changing. A typical hiring manager for a testing team, is looking into options to see how he/she can have a resource onboard who has the ability to do the traditional side of things, which is looking at the requirements and drafting out quality test cases, as well as the ability to change those test cases into automation test scripts using automation testing tools.

Automation testing is not something new, but whats new around the block is the world of open source. Powerful code written to drive the ability to run automation test scripts on applications using Java, Phyton and other languages, is changing the world of testing. A testing professional has to now adopt the fact that he/she has to know automation to be successful in getting a job out there in the IT market.

So what is required, as there are so many tools out there. We would say, open source tools like Selenium for Web based applications, JMeter for performance testing, Appium framework for Mobile Testing, SOAP UI for Web Services testing and many more. We will write them up in detail in our next posts.