Its that time of the year, where you need to start thinking to put all your thoughts together on what and where your income came from and what was it spent on. Picking the right software application that can help you thru this tedious process is very important and key to the get a successful return.

But what software is right to pick, from the whole range of option out there. We are done a quick run down and researched out what software testing methodologies have been used to test the most required software during this time of the year.

Bigger institutions like H&R block, Jackson Hewitt and Turbo Tax, have been busy testing their software updates on their existing tax filing application. Tax laws change and so does the technology that needs to be built to be able to service end users.

We did an end to end Quality Assurance test runs to see the credibility and capability of around a dozen online applications and we have come up with 7 suggestions that should make you feel more comfortable and confident to use. Here is the list of the top free tax software applications that you can use to file your 2019 taxes.

    TurboTax is the most popular online tax return software in Canada.
    SimpleTax is a Canadian software that offers a “pay what you want” model for filing your tax return
    uFile is available free of charge to students regardless of their income
    The program is 100% free, however, you can make a contribution if you’d like to support them.
    They offer a free service (CloudTax Free) and a paid service (CloudTax Pro).
    It is free to use and handles most tax scenarios. They request a voluntary donation to support the company.
    The program supports multiple languages including English, French and Chinese

Happy Tax Filing!!